Now Your Keypad Mobile Phone Will Talk: King Voice


King Voice is an innovative text to speech feature available only on itel keypad mobile phone devices.

A stock application that works as a personal interpreter, it is user friendly and gives more utility. Building better accessibility, the text to speech app is an exclusive feature available on itel keypad phones.

Apart from their wide range of smart keypad devices, itel’s recently launched Magic 1 Core and upcoming handsets in Power and Magic series also come equipped with the King Voice text to speech feature.


Multiple benefits to the user

King Voice in itel keypad phone can be easily activated via shortcut keypad controls and gives multiple benefits to the user.

Keeping in mind the needs of people in semi-urban and rural settings, King Voice helps convert incoming messages from text to speech.

This has empowered users in Tier 3, 4, and 5 areas to easily listen and understand messages for which they would have previously required assistance from others. Building self-reliance with an added ease of comfort. It also lets the user browse through their itel keypad devices menus and features by voice support. And just like converting messages from text to speech.

King Voice also lets the device owner hear the name or number of incoming calls by announcing it while adding functionality by reading out their address book.

itel ‘s innovative text to speech feature is helping people across different socio-economic backgrounds, who have struggled till now with digital technology. With itel’s King Voice get more comfortable with the new age of digital transformation. And find more benefits in various aspects of life.


But that’s not all

The text to speech King Voice is very easy to customise. Users can change their volume and language between English or Hindi as per their choice.

On selected models, a tap lets people know the time easily. Even while dialling a number, it helps convert the phone number from text to speech. Especially beneficial for visually challenged people.

And it helps consumers have more fun while hearing text messages and converting long e-books from text to speech. Making it for easier understanding, without having to strain their eyes reading. The King Voice text to speech program strives to make the mobile experience better accessible and more relevant.

itel’s brilliant venture to bring about localised and inclusive innovation to the masses. And will continue to provide more utility and build self-reliance. Helping support the cause of Digital India to enable a more convenient mobile experience for everyone.


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