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We live by the rule that hand-in-hand anything can be done.

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Our door is always open. We leave no one out.

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No need to complicate things. We believe in the basics.

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Mutual Benefit

We do things to win together. We cherish the power of a common goal.

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Always there to lend a helping hand.

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What role we aim to play in our consumer life?

To offer budget friendly mobile telecommunications technology which allows everyone to come closer and enjoy their
social connections.

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Catalysed by factors such as 4G penetration, affordable data plans and easy access to online resources, rural India, specifically in Tier II & III towns, is quickly becoming a major market for smart devices such as smartphones, accessories, and gadgets. In fact, gaming, video-viewing, social media, content creation (both photography and video-making), fitness as well as online shopping are all becoming increasingly popular in the rural part of the country, especially among the 300 million youngsters in these areas. Also, as per an imobi research, 90% of India will own a mobile phone by 2022, and 60% will use a smartphone by 2025.

In this scenario, as a device brand, the question we often asked ourselves is, “how can itel help the rural market ride the Digital India wave?”

At itel, we truly believe in democratising technology for masses by offering great value in each product we launch. In the past five years, we have seen that our philosophy of launching accessible yet feature-driven mobile phones for all kinds of aspiring Indian consumers has met with roaring success time and again. And now, with the same vision of great value for all, we have launched a wide and varied portfolio of itel smartphones, TVs and Smart Gadgets that are carving their own niche among our audiences, both old and new. Last year, our entry into the Television segment showcased itel’s growth trajectory by elevating from ‘magic in every hand’ to ‘magic in every home’ which showcased our progression by expanding from its already established mobile brand and smart gadgets to the Television segment.

The expansion and diversification of the itel portfolio aims to deliver a fuller digital experience to the Indian customers by providing them access to premium quality products, which are localised and designed to meet their specific requirements at a budget-friendly price. Taking forward its philosophy to provide incredible yet affordable digital products and experiences to the country’s consumer base in even tier III and IV towns, itel is committed to keep bringing more high-quality products to the Indian market while also constantly reimagining and redesigning its current portfolio.

With utmost trust of our consumers’, we successfully marked the milestone of seven crores+ happy customers in early 2021 within less than five years of our operations in India. This milestone was truly a testimony of our customers’ trust, acceptance, and reliability on the brand. Keeping this in mind, we leapfrogged towards a more meaningful brand vision ‘itel hai. Life Sahi Hai.’ that connotes enjoying a better life with itel’s budget-friendly range of products and services for everyone. With our new brand vision, we aimed at empowering consumers to realize the true potential of digitalization and how iteI democratizes technology by giving entry to technology and connectedness to consumers without prior access to it, allowing them to get closer and benefit from their social connections.

Our customer-centricity, robust distribution network backed with strong service support and localized marketing communication approach are the four key pillars for that helped us build our success story in India. Not only this, with our constant progression by expanding our product portfolio from mobile phones to smart accessories and then to home entertainment—itel has carved its leadership in the entry level smartphone segment by registering its position as the No 1 Smartphone in Sub 6k Smartphone segment as per Q1,2021, Counterpoint report. Additionally, itel is considered as the most trustworthy brand in the sub 7k segment and Leader in less than 5k segment. With utmost gratitude, we truly dedicate this success to our consumers for believing in us and our products over the years.