Top Learning Apps To Keep Up Your e-Learning With itel Phones!


itel Phones give you the freedom to enjoy and explore the world of opportunities around you. And while this pandemic has uprooted our life and routine that we were used to, many organizations have tried their level best to fill that gap, with itel helping the cause alongside.


For example, many learners of various ages, whether in school or universities, had to adapt to a different schedule and timing because of this scenario. But thankfully, they got the support from some greatly useful learning apps, 3 of which we think will help support your educational pursuits much better.


BYJU’S – The Learning App

Their claim to be India’s largest online learning program is not unfounded; scores of students around India swear by their engaging lessons and personalised manner of learning.

And the new 6.1” HD+ IPS Waterdrop, big screen display of itel A48 smartphone can let you view all the online classes, live doubt-resolution programs, and one-on-one mentoring in great and immersive video quality.


Apart from the usual Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology lessons for school students, BYJU’s app lets students prepare for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, and IAS as well. A useful app for understanding concepts in detail and learning more wherever you may be in your educational journey.


Vedantu: LIVE Learning App

Giving the promise of free courses, test series, online materials, assignments, and live in-class doubt solving sessions (for up to a month or more), the Vedantu app is helping students grow and prosper in whatever they may choose to study remotely.


Giving uninterrupted content, you can watch and learn the specialised content for grades 1-12, CBSE & ICSE boards, KVPY, NTSE, IIT JEE & NEET easily on your itel phones.

The unique feature comes in the form of completely interactive live in-class quizzes (with leader boards) that are a breeze with the great battery capacity itel mobiles like the itel A48, and are designed to make learning fun and more interesting. And all your queries can be solved safely from the comfort of your home.


Unacademy Learning App

This one’s for everyone, not just school students. A comprehensive learning app, it understands the needs and challenges of students in their exam preparation journey. Unacademy has more than 14000 excellent educators on its platform, and you can watch their 1M+ detailed video lessons easily on the big screen itel phone like A48 with great colour and clarity, solidifying your growth with the easy distance learning.

With full-length mock tests and quizzes, it lets you gauge your own understanding and performance of a subject much better than other apps.


Moreover, you even get a detailed report of your performance, percentile scores and progress easily, so you can chase your dreams with certainty, with a little help from your itel mobiles.


While this year is coming to a close, everyone has had to change their routine in one form or the other. Thankfully, the technology inside our itel mobiles and various mobile applications are making the transition a bit easier and convenient for everyone.

As schools, teachers and self-learners are adopting these technologies, we’re experiencing a new way of mass learning not seen before. And itel mobiles promise to always be there, to make your online learning environment magical and better in the year to come.

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