5 Photo Editing Apps To Upgrade Your Favourite Pictures

itel understands that you want to put out the perfect clicks to share with the world. In today’s day and age, social media is flooded with people posting about their favourite moments, what they had for dinner, activities with their friends, or even those new earbuds that just got delivered. The communication has become more visual with each passing year.

The range of big storage phones from itel mobiles come equipped with great camera features inside, so you can capture your moments in bright colours and great clarity. But to tweak and make them uniquely yours, it is important to have the right photo editing tool installed in your phone.

So here are our picks of the 5 photo editing apps you can use in your itel Mobiles to bring out those magical moments:



One of the most popular apps in its category, Adobe Lightroom also features in the editor’s choice on the Play Store. Needing 79MB of storage space, it lets you have complete control over every aspect of modifying images. Features like editing, cropping, applying colour corrections and multiple presets to your photos feel much easier, whether you’re an amateur or an advanced user. It works wonders for low-light photos as well – so when you use your premium battery phones from itel India in such conditions, you can easily adjust the degree of haze and make magic come alive.


One of the best photo editors for black and white images is Hypocam. It allows you greater control over exposure and colour than any other editor for perfect B&W tones to make your images pop out. And by having a collection of the best monochrome photos from their users, it gives a nice and smooth experience as well.

It’s available only on Android at the moment and the free version has just seven filters, but you can get many more through in-app purchases.



Another excellent app that features in editor’s choice on play store, Snapseed is small in size (just 24MB) but very popular (>100 million downloads). Apart from the wide range of user-friendly filters and great editing features, it is also able to track editing patterns and its history, letting you revisit your actions with much ease on the app. It can be a very useful feature for your itel Mobiles and perfect if you love editing but sometimes lose track of those small details.



Prisma app is perfect for editing images on your itel India smartphone if your storage space is nearly full (just 12MB space required). It’s a great photo editing app for amateurs as the art filter library comes with more than 300 art styles, so you can explore many styles and choose what’s right for you.



Just like Hypocam, you can share your favourites with everyone on the Pixlr photo editing app. It lets you balance colours with a single tap ‘Auto-Fix’ and has a large number of tools that make it very handy for a lot of visual effects. It doesn’t take much space and is also a very popular photo editor on the app store.


itel India wishes that these photo editing apps are able to help you raise the style of your photos, especially during this festive season…

So what are you waiting for? Use your efficient, high performing battery phones from itel India. With premium battery usage, get snapping and happy editing.

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