Frequently Asked Questions

Is retailer supposed to call or the dealer?

Yes, Customer / Retailer / DBR to make call for service call registration.

How will the call be locked – will the retailer/customer get a message confirming the same – with request number?

Call registration by calling on toll free number 1800-4190-525 Customer /Retailer/DBR will get the massage with Service call registration number.

What will be the text of the message?

Customer message :

Dear Customer, Your Service request has been registered with us. Service Request Number is XXXXXXXX Date : DD-MM-YY HH:MM:YYYY. Our Service Technician will contact you within 24 hrs.

Will the service center person call to confirm the timing of installation with the customer?

Yes, Service technician will call to customer and confirm the appointment date and time.

What if the installation area is non serviceable – when will it be told to customer/retailer, what happens in that case
who bears the cost?

We shall plan to cover almost all locations for installation unless it is operationally not possible

What is your service call toll free Number?

Our toll-free number is 1800-4190-525

When can we do test call to toll free Number?

Toll-free number 1800-4190-525 is already in operational condition

How & when service get this installation information?

Service center get the information for service just after the call registered at call center – CRM will be used for transactional monitoring.

How Much time does it take for TV Installation?

Most standard packages take 1-2 hrs. Custom Installations might take longer.

What if I am not available for installation?

Technician will call the customer and take an appointment before customer visit, if customer door is found locked then the engineer will take another appointment with customer again and will visit and install the TV. If the customer remains unavailable again, then Service center may cancel the call.

What is warranty on remote?

itel TV remotes comes with a standard 6 month manufacturer warranty.