Keep Your Health In Check With itel-Fit: Thermo Edition

itel helps you keep your health in check with itel-Fit Thermo edition.

It’s time that you trust, because we truly care!


As the year 2021 gradually comes into focus, we will remember this year as quite a difficult one. The COVID-19 pandemic completely disrupted our lives, routines, and most importantly, how we interacted with each other. It started from one point and took no time in engulfing people all around the world, not caring for nationalities, colour or languages they spoke.

With no clear symptoms, difficulty in testing and a severe deteriorating effect on the human body, we were caught completely unaware of the effects of the coronavirus. Lockdowns remained the only effective control that could be managed at the beginning.

Your itel phones now became windows to see how everyone else was coping with it, and we had to adapt our work, studies and lifestyle as per the lockdowns, quarantining to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from the deadly infection.

We know it’s been hard, but as fear and uncertainty took hold of the country we came up with an innovative and effective device that could help people in gauging their body temperature.

So without further ado, let us present the great offerings inside the itel mobile itel-Fit – it2192T Thermo Edition, India’s first phone with temperature monitoring in the entry segment. With this Thermo feature phone by your side, you can now check body temperature of anyone around you. Safeguard the good health of your friends and family with greater convenience, thanks to the magical features inside this itel mobile.

And it is super easy to use; you just need to follow some simple instructions:


  • Simply press the center button to enter to thermo mode
  • Place your wrist or finger on the phone’s sensor
  • Press the start button to capture temperature reading
  • Result would be available in °C or °F as per consumer selection


That is all. With this simple test you can easily measure anyone’s temperature and make sure that they don’t have a high fever. In case someone’s reading comes above the normal human body temperature range of 36.5–37.5 °C, they should try and quarantine themselves, follow safety protocols, take the required medications and let medical personnel know of any difficulties in breathing, etc.

To ensure the accuracy of the test result, we recommend that you keep at least some interval between two consecutive tests on a person. It will take only 10 seconds to do the test, so it won’t waste your time. And it can work at different ambient temperatures.

Everyone can stay fit with itel-Fit and beat the pandemic together! The magic inside itel phones even lets you listen to your temperature reading, thanks to the superb King Voice feature.

The world is much better prepared to work, interact and explore within the current situation now than it was at the beginning of 2020. And itel mobile are here to support you in all your magical endeavours. So you can stay fit, maintain good health of those around you, and get through this difficult time together.

NOTE: It is a non-medical device and recommended to test body temperature within permissible ambient temperature (16-35 °C).

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