itel Smart Gadgets: Celebrate Your Favorite Music On The Go

Music has a magical way of lifting our spirits up when we’re feeling down. The beautiful melodies can make a horrible day suddenly feel like not so bad. It can overcome the blues and spread a feeling of joy in everyone. itel wants to spread the magical cheer of music to everyone through its fantastic range of audio accessories and gadgets. Here are some itel smart gadgets that will Make Every Moment Magical for you.

Bluetooth Earphones  for wireless fun

  • IEB-52

The IEB-52 BT Earphone is the perfect audio companion if you want dynamic sound in a light-weight design. With a long music playback time of 8 hours. Matched with V5.0 BT and strong bass. Be mesmerised with the vibrant audio that keeps you rocking the whole day.

The sweat-proof design makes it ideal for any workout sessions or long jogs in the evening, while the magnetic buds and durable wire makes it very handy to use.

  • IEB-62

Another audio offering from itel smart gadgets. The IEB-62 is a stylish BT earphone which offers a light neckband and ergonomically shaped earbuds for long-lasting comfort. It has a talk-time of 12 hours and V4.2 BT version for anyone who enjoys handsfree calling without much fuss.

Speakers for Party Music lovers

  • IBS-10 Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that fits the different needs of everyone, the robust design and HD sound quality of itel’s IBS-10 BT Speaker will suit you perfectly. With the powerful 10W audio output, the party starts wherever you are. A long music playback time of 6 hours. Which means no charging woes, and its simple design makes it easy to use for anyone.

Connect from your phone, Aux or T-Card easily, or switch to wireless FM when you want, the IBS-10 BT Speaker is made for the quality entertainment of everyone.

  • IAS-01 Wired Speaker

The IAS-01 Wired Speakers not only offer an immersive stereo experience for everyone, but their sleek design will leave everyone appreciating with awe. Offering wide compatibility, easy usage and 6W audio output, you can feel the bass of Hi-Res powerful sound. Time to pump up the party with your favourite tunes.

Wired Earphones for HD sound clarity on the go

  • IEP-23 Earphone

The IEP-23 Earphone from itel smart gadgets lets you be in total control for a brilliant audio experience. Its sleek, subwoofer design offers a comfortable fit for a smooth HD sound that’s ideal for long-time usage, with its soft silicone earbuds. The strong wire resists normal wear and tear and the earphones are made to last longer, assured with the strength of high-quality plastic.

  • IEP-21 Earphone

The IEP 21 Earphones with an in-ear design. Another audio gadget for music lovers ensuring minimal audio leakage and full bass.  Durable design and circular arc-shaped sound chamber with two-tone tips suite your fashion needs perfectly.

We know your favourite songs can bring back memories from the past, filling our hearts with much joy. With our wide range of audio gadgets at a magical price, itel smart gadgets give the power to groove in your hands so you can live life to the beat of your favourite tunes. Because we understand that music casts a magical spell like no other.

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