itel Presents You The Magic Of Latest Keypad Mobile Phones

While many people would want a smartphone with the latest features, many people still prefer keypad mobile phones, which are premium looking and much easier to use. The latest itel keypad mobile phones come with 1-time screen replacement guarantee and take care of those specific needs of users who just want smart functionality like King Voice and Smart Blinking in a handy little feature phone, for simplicity or for first-time users.

We would like to introduce two of the best keypad phones – Magic 2 at INR 1499 and Magic 2 Max at INR 1599 which are under 5000 from itel and making waves in the market with their easy functionality and useful features.

itel Magic 2 Max

One of the best keypad mobile phones in the market at the moment, itel’s Magic 2 Max at INR 1599 is packed with amazing features that will be perfect for your everyday needs.

With a big 2.8 inch big and bright QVGA display in a slim and stylish ID, the Magic 2 Max is here to bring more magic into your life. With a smooth and soft design. It’s very comfortable in your hand and the 3D curved lens display makes for a great visual experience.

The 1.3 MP rear camera with flash makes sure you click clear pictures every time. And the flash LED torch will light up any dark path through an easy shortcut key. Get up to 18 hours of talk time with the amazing 1900 mAh long-lasting battery and even more with the Super Battery mode. And protect your important files by keeping them secure with the inbuilt privacy lock in the itel Magic 2 Max, one of the best mobile phones under 5000.

itel Magic 2

Another wonder from the range of mobile phones under 5000 is the itel Magic 2. It’s a great choice for people looking for a secondary phone along with smartphones. With an ultra-slim 10 mm ID and a beautiful glass coated finish. The wonderful keypad mobile phone from itel is very sleek and handy to use.

The 2.4-inch QVGA bright display gives great clarity while the 1.3 MP rear camera with flash lets you capture memories even on the move. And with Magic 2’s 1900mAh Battery you can have 433 hours of standby time, all thanks to its Super Battery Mode. It even lets you record important calls for future reference with the recorder option. Making it a great option for your pick at INR 1499.

The Magic 2 Max and Magic 2 are both great mobile phones under 5000 from itel which will add more value to your everyday routine. They come with a smile design notification that alerts you of incoming calls, messages, or upcoming alarms with a smart light that blinks in smile design. At the same time, the King Voice feature lets you hear menu actions, messages, and contact names clearly. And is highly beneficial for people who can’t read or are differently-abled.

Adding even more benefits for the common man, both keypad mobile phones are equipped with English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada & Malayalam language support so that everyone can easily interact in their own language. And with Wireless FM and even a one-time screen replacement guarantee. Both feature mobile phones offer a mix of great reliability and features for everyone, so people can live more freely and experience more magic every day.

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