itel Mobiles’ Battery Care: Extend The Magic Of Your Smartphone With These Tips


Most Indian buyers are looking for big battery phones so that they can keep the entertainment going for long.  Everyone enjoys movies, video calls, and gaming on their smartphone, and charging it feels like an interruption in the fun. This article will provide some quick tips on increasing the lifespan of your phone battery so that you can make good use of your itel Mobile.

Battery lifespan in the simplest words is the time for which it will last before being replaced. With a promising aftersales service experience, itel Mobiles are accredited for providing the first 100 days replacement guarantee on all its mobiles. Yet, these simple tips and tricks are the easiest way to longer battery life:


  • Avoid high heat and cold circumstances

    The next time you leave your phone in a heated up car, remember that it can deteriorate the battery lifespan. This is the reason behind phones switching off at sunny or snowy locations. It is advisable to take special care of the phone in extreme conditions and maintain the room temperature around it.


  • Don’t drain the battery to 0% or charge up to 100%

    The lithium-ion battery reacts better if it is not drained to 0% or charged up till 100% since there is more stress applied to it in both the situations. If you plug in the charger at a low percentage or charge it up till 100% the battery life deteriorates in the long run. Your smartphone battery will react best when the charge is kept between 50 -80%.


  • Prefer standard charger to wireless charging

    Your smartphone battery prefers a slow input instead of a wireless or fast charger. Therefore charging by the USB port or the conventional charger works well for the battery lifespan. Also, always buy original chargers from brands instead of opting for a cheaper version since they might not be configured well for the smartphone.


  • Make simple changes to your usage behavior

    Taking small steps can reduce unnecessary stress on the smartphone battery. Keep the screen brightness low, location services off when not in use, and close background apps. These are small things you can do to lower the stress on your phone battery.


itel Mobiles have been offering big battery power at affordable prices to empower Indian smartphone buyers. The flagship smartphone Vision 1 is packed with 4000mAh high capacity battery with AI Power Master at the nominal price of 6699/-.

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