Attention, tech enthusiasts, and loyal itel customers! Brace yourselves for an incredible surprise that itel has been keeping under wraps. Although the official announcement is pending, insider information suggests that itel is about to unveil the highly anticipated itel A60s, a smartphone designed to cater to the diverse needs of its 9 crore satisfied customers.

Building upon the immense success of its predecessor, the itel A60, the A60s is set to raise the bar and redefine smartphone performance and capabilities. Thanks to some leaked specifications, we can now dive into the exciting details: First and foremost, the standout feature of the itel A60s is its robust 8GB RAM*. Yes, you heard it right! With such a substantial amount of RAM at your disposal, multitasking will reach new heights, and you can expect nothing short of blazing-fast performance. Gone are the days of lag and sluggishness; the itel A60s will keep up with your every command effortlessly. And here’s the best part: it might be launched under 7K making this memory configuration best in the segment.

But that’s not all. Prepare to bid farewell to storage constraints, as the itel A60s offers a spacious 128GB of ROM. You’ll have ample space to house all your favorite apps, files, and multimedia content, without constantly worrying about running out of storage.

To cater to different user needs, itel may provide two memory variants for the A60s. The first option includes a 8GB RAM +64GB ROM variant, perfect for everyday tasks and smooth performance. if you desire even more power and storage capacity, itel has you covered. The second option boasts an expanded 8GB RAM +128GB ROM configuration. With this variant, you’ll have access to a higher storage capacity.

The itel A60s is also set to make its exclusive debut on Amazon, adding to the anticipation surrounding its launch. Launch is scheduled for Amazon Prime day Sale, tentatively 2 nd week of July.

While we eagerly await the official announcement from itel, these leaked specifications are a tantalizing glimpse into what awaits us. The itel A60s promises to be a game-changer, combining affordability with top-notch performance and expansive storage.