10 Things to do with your itel smartphones during the lockdown

As the world takes Covid-19 prevention measures, everyone has been locked down in their houses. While this is essential to slow down the spread of the virus, it has led to increased anxiety and negative sentiments.

WhatsApp forwards are also building up the fake news wave and panic has struck minds. However, it is important for us to realize that this time can be utilized productively for recharging and refreshing our minds.

Here we have listed down 10 ways in which your itel mobile can be best source of info-tainment:-

  1. Discover new Apps: The Play Store is filled with new smartphone applications to explore. If you like to sketch, sing, dance or fitness, there are multiple apps that can aid your hobby. Some applications can also help you maintain diet, learn music or the art of ‘DJing’.
  1. Gamify your time: From Ludo to PubG, lockdown period is a great time to experiment with new games. You can connect with your friends virtually and play games together. The Houseparty App is built on this rationale as it enables people to play games on video call.
  1. ‘Video call’ your long lost friends: While you are strictly following the social distancing guidelines, video calls can be a great way of connecting with your friends. Try to connect with your long lost friends and re-ignite previous bonds. 
  1. Binge-watch your favourite shows: Lockdown is a great time to watch your favorite shows. There are many classic series available on OTT platforms that will strike the cord of nostalgia and new shows to explore as well.
  1. Listen to Podcasts & Audio Books: Podcasts are a great way of spending your free time. While some are pure entertainment, there are many informational podcasts available online for your daily dose of knowledge. Similarly exploring audio books should definitely be in your bucket list of lockdown activities.

Some other ways:-

  1. Give VR tours a try: Even though we can’t leave our houses, Virtual Reality Tours can make it possible to experience the world in the comfort of our house. VR Handsets are a common mobile phone accessory that can bring unique experiences alive. 
  1. Express your thoughts with a publishing platform: It is very important to express thoughts and ideas in this lockdown period. Online publishing platforms such as Medium.com, Youth KI Awaaz & Juggernaut provide budding writers with a chance to get their writing published online. 
  1. Take up an Online Course: Pursuing an online learning course to develop a new skill can boost your lockdown motivation. There are multiple courses available online for professionals and students to help them brush up their skills. Many of these have been rendered free-of-cost in the current situation. 
  1. Spend Time on TikTok: Community platforms such as TikTok, Helo, Likee & Public are another method of spending time in this lockdown. These new social media platforms enable people to share unique videos, pictures and thoughts and build communities online.
  1. Try indoor Photography Hacks: Experimenting with photography is a fun and productive use of the quarantine time. There are different photography hacks that can be easily tried indoors with basic things such as water bottle, cloth and flashlight. The 128 GB expandable memory of itel Vision 1 can accommodate a lot of pictures as you learn a new photography hack. 

Final Words

itel mobile is committed towards building positivity in these tough times with its unique #TogetherWeHelp initiative, Checkout some amazing contests on our Facebook page to make the most of the lockdown period.

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